About Us

OGA SISTEM SDN BHD was formed on May 1982, as a wholly owned by Malaysian to spearhead its activities in providing supporting Professional and Technical Services to downstream activities of Oil Companies in Malaysia.

OGA Sistem Sdn Bhd has been given the necessary licenses to operate in this highly specialised Oil & Gas business.
The five (5) main areas of business operations where OGA Sistem Sdn Bhd is actively involved are as follows:-

  • Calibration of  Oil, LPG and Water Flowmeters, Master Meters, Prover / Storage Tanks, Road Tankers, Aviation Refuellers and Bowsers
  • Turbo Machinery Refurbishment Services
  • Turbo Machinery Instrumentation and Control Services
  • Turbo Machinery Gearbox and Gears
  • Industrial Hygiene

OGA Sistem Sdn Bhd have the necessary manpower, resources, technology and track records to carry out all kinds of unique and related projects to keep us in the forefront of the technological progress achieved by the industry today.