Turbo Machinery Instrument Control

Principal : Control Care BV

Control-Care is a young and dynamic company that is member of a group of companies that specializes in turbomachinery and other industrial control systems and offers both systems as well as services to customers in oil and gas, chemical, petrochimical and power generation industries. Control-Care’s committed engineering staff covers an extensive and in-depth engineering experience on a wide range of turbomachinery control and monitoring systems principles offer wide range of control solution services such as:

  • Turbomachinery Control Applications
  • Antisurge Control Application
  • Unit Control Application
  • Stream Turbine Control Application
  • Gas Turbine Control Application

Proven Control Platform Experience

Multiple turbomachinery control and monitoring systems are handled:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
  • Dedicated Turbomachinery Controls
  • Customer Distributed Control System (DCS) controls
  • Vibration monitoring and Analysing equipment